Exploring beyond pour/swipe technique

There is something so organic with a pour technique.  But anyone who begins to explore it may easily be caught up with the colors and the movement that each new panel creates.  And, yes, they are beautiful.  I say to my grand daughter, who constantly wants to make slime with me, it is fun, feels good to hold, stretch, run through my fingers... okay next..... what can I do with it.   Same with exploring pour/swipe.

As I said before, they don't all turn out as "Wow" pieces and I showed what I did with a figurative over-top of one.  I also demonstrated "Tapestry Poppies" on a blog showing how I incorporated collage and other acrylic painting techniques into the pour/swipe technique.
Below are two others with flower images that are for sale and can be found on my www.saatchiart.com/nancybossert and my nancybossert.artspan.com site.  There is a direct link to my blog on my artspan site.

Sacred Red II, framed  The canvas is a 12" x 12" and I framed it in a floater frame and it is ready to hang.

This has a lot of visual and tactile texture.  enjoy.

Same technique, "Granite Narcissus" canvas measures 10" x 8" and I placed this is a black floater frame.  This and the one above I preferred a satin finish varnish.

And a view without the frame, "Granite Narcissus"

Now the next piece is not complete and should be complete in a day or two.  Currently I have titled it "Dreams"    

This is the most recent photo on my working surface.  The biggest difference here other than I am working on the human figure is that it is not on canvas.  This is on 300lb. archival paper, acid free.  I always stretch all my paper prior to work and I use staples.  

Image #1 as I began.  I mapped out my model, deciding not to do the entire figure and I love odd angles.  Once she was drawn out I gessoed the area I would do my pour/swipes so the base was properly prepared.  Once that was dried (I probably worked on another piece  while drying :)) 
I decided I wanted the acrylic paint to be related in hue to the skin.  I then did three pour/swipes.  The top horizontal first, keeping with my line for the figure which was also marked with my gesso.  Then the lighter section at the bottom and right eliminating the ocher and making the peach hue much lighter.  Then I went for a chunk to mark some of the hair.    With the hair I thought it looked like too much and I took a business card and drug off some of the swipe paint and it revealed stained paper, much nicer.

#2 I did a watercolor wash identifying the skin and face.

#3 strengthened the skin wash and added ( if you read my other blog you would have guessed it) black gesso for some hair, and then some carry through in the pattern she might be lying on.

#4 started adding strands of hair with paint and pencil to unify sections and began to detail the flesh with paint and pencil.

Now this is where I am. I wanted to warm up the skin. So I am layering colors, I also placed an orange/orcher water color wash over my upper pour/swipe.  It didn't do a lot, but I saw a difference and I achieved the harmony that I wanted.

Hope you have enjoyed so far.  I will try to finish this on a blog.  Show Opening tomorrow night. 
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