Exhibition ~ Twenty Seventeen: A Year in Review

I was asked to participate in a juried exhibition, Twenty Seventeen: A year in Review.

My submissions are two pieces, that may seem very different if you aren't familiar with my work.
Most of my work has personal meaning that I rarely discuss, allowing the viewer to make their own narrative.  I have been asked more and more often to explain, not only the physical process but the mental process.  I do love iconography, symbolism in work.

First piece is: "Huh"  (Post Truth),  this is a mixed-media painting on archival paper.  I tend to sell more on-line unframed because of the cost and I can guide the collector to the best options for framing.  When exhibitions are more regional, I will frame and I do all my own framing, but the price does increase with the framing.

This is "Huh", which I must admit I am a news junkie.  So post truth has become a more used term in 2016 and 2017, and I am certain we haven't heard the end of echoing "HUHs"
I love the abstract as an important art form, with great significance.  I am still a technical craftsman with my handling of materials and balance of art elements and principles.

 This to me was the confusion and deciphering through the networks of communication of post truth.  The word actually was first used in the early 1990's, so it isn't new new, it also is used by both liberal and conservatives. 
Abstractly I love reducing to forms and shapes. We are on a railroad track of constant flow, of ever-changing information and different thrusts on the same information, leading us to the"HUH" moment. I place myself and my partner in the forms within the arch and on the track.

 My usage of gray and gray values becomes the fog with punctuation messaging.  I also created a border around my gray demonstrating the closed in aspect, what I find as my acceptable boundaries.


This shows a portion of my matting.  The mat is over 5" on all side, and heavier bottom weight.  The border is now more evident.

"Huh" framed and under glass.

detail of "Huh"

detail of "Huh"

2nd piece submitted is "Black Line Nude,  Vulnerable".  I explained this piece on my earlier blog "Dirty Pours".  This definitely shows my own-self  and the feel of black / dark vulnerability.  This is demonstrated through the color choice and the crouched position of the figure.

I did decide not to frame this piece for the exhibition, because it showed greater vulnerability.  The sides of this deep canvas have such a raw contrast to the solemnity of the figure.

This painting is also for sale, size is smaller 12" x 9" x 1.5"

detail: the last image is a detail.  The surface of this small painting is so textural, almost alligator like.

Enjoy, Nancy


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