Creating a Mixed media figurative piece

Let's have fun and get started!  If you are local I have two classes coming up at Connexions Gallery.  One is an acrylic 16" x 20" landscape painting.  It has a lot going on and will just brighten your day.  As a student you will be able to add your own elements also!  Also coming up is beyond the coil pot!  This is stoneware pottery that will just win your heart to working in clay.  Lots of techniques in one class.  Students will finish a vessel and create two pendants.  A second class is scheduled for glazing.  Email me or Connexions for dates and details! And if you are of age, BYOB, and if you are a high school student the pottery works as a fabulous portfolio piece.

Now, Creating a mixed media figurative piece for me can start from many different points.  But lets go this way today and explore.  You can always jump off from any point and self explore.

1st I have the sketch and it is difficult to see that I added gesso above the figure and right up against the figure.  Gesso has body to it, much less than modeling paste, but I lose to use it in many different ways.  Here I am using the gesso for texture and I am stamping and running a comp through it.  Let it dry.

2nd, I just add a watercolor wash to identify my areas.  And I let some of the watercolor run.  There is a blanket that my model is resting on.

3rd, I deepen the negative space, now you can see more of the texture from the gesso.  And add a few more colors.  Still staying with the teal hair, not sure why I am gravitating to teal hair, but I always like a model with darker hair rather than blond.  So if I have a blond model I generally will change that.  I feel the the darker weight on the top helps my composition.
I have also added some sculpting to the figure.

4th, I have deepened the hair, and now I am contemplating more collage or paint.  I am opting for collage :)

5th, I had an artist ask why the slash on her back?  Actually as I began to collage, my model has a butterfly tattoo in the center of her back.  Usually I leave many of the tattoos off.  But I just added a bit of collage to the butterfly.  more watercolor, and sculpting.  If I am collage this way I want to go right up against the body contour, however there are other pieces of mine where you will see that I might go right over top.  Remember there are no rules, just good manipulation of materials and good craftsmanship.  Here is an older one with so.. much collage, and so much fun!  

6th,  I am manipulating some of the blanket she is on and adding more volume to the body.  Just don't be afraid of what you are doing, enjoy and grow.

7th, this is where I am today with the piece.  Should have it complete tonight or tomorrow.  You can now see that I incorporated that little slice on her back into the butterfly.
Hope you have enjoyed.  Remember a piece of art is done in layers.  It is like making a cake.  You don't put the candles on before you put the eggs in the batter.  Layer, layer, layer, and have fun, Nancy


  1. Nancy, Allowing us to see and "listen" to your commentary as the piece progresses adds so much to the work. You are really a gifted artist. Hal Murray

    1. thank you, let me know if there is ever anything specific I can answer. Big Hugs, Nancy


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