Creating a mixed media figurative

Creating a mixed media figurative is not a one stop, this has infinite possibilities.  I am just touching on one area, but you can branch out from this in limitless ways, whether with materials or techniques.

"Seated on Ocher" is a smaller nude using this technique and this piece requires glass.

I begin by having an idea of the study I want to work.  I apply acrylic paint, sometimes watercolor to my surface.  After the paint dries I collage paper on the painted surface.  This could be done in reverse, but this is how I created the two pieces I am showing and describing.  I allow some of the paint to show on the sides of the paper in varying degrees.  Now I select the model study I want to work with.  I like that the study does not fit totally on top of the yellow ocher paper.  This creates added interest.    I love working mass and linear.  With having the medium value paper (the yellow ocher) it is easy to create volume to the figure with white or lights.  I add the lights with pencil and some paint and then add a few middle values and darks.  I like the extreme with the hair and the linear that does not complete the entire edge of the figure.
When purchased I state the size of the paper that you will receive and the area that I feel should be exposed through the opening of a mat or frame.  This is approximately what should be seen through the mat.

 Next "Teal Cloth Nude":

adding the paper to the painted base.  I will prepare a number of these at one time, so I am not waiting for items to dry.

2nd, sketch out the figure so that it breaks the boundaries of the collage paper.  If you feel it necessary to work out the sketch on tracing paper first and rotate it on your base to see what works best, do that.

3rd, I am just stating the lightest areas first.  I refer to that as dusting in, nothing too heavy.

now I am adding some of my additional lights and teal values.  Still choosing to use the teal in the hair,  and adding additional paint to balance the figure and composition.  I also added a black linear on the left hand side and on the other shoulder.  I will do this with a good pencil or a brush pen.  I want that stroke to be smooth.  I do not complete the hair, just a suggestion.

As I am working, noon calls for espresso.  And if you follow me on other sites, I am a coffee, espresso, and wine drinker.  The espresso cup is one that I made and sell in different galleries.  I typically don't put them on my gallery sites, but these are for sale.  They are stoneware, no handles and I love them.  They also carry my particular color palette and love for linear!   I do have quite a stoneware line, :)

cappuccino cup and saucer, espresso cup and a bisque bowl!

Final sculpting with my values, I don't want to over do this type of piece. This photo shows more white paper around the final piece.

The above is more how I would crop, the amount of art to be exposed through the opening of a mat or frame.

two details: I am particularly happy with the coloration of the buttocks, that it works as two different side colors.
Remember, let the underlying color act as a color for the figure.  Do not completely cover it up, by allowing it to play as a part of the image you have a unifying factor, an overall harmony captured.
Enjoy, nancy


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