Abstracts on paper

Abstracts on paper can be ultra exciting, with the big difference these need to go under glass.
I love working on canvas as well as archival paper.  But quality paper paintings offer different endings and might work for your space better than  canvas.

Glass adds that additional sheen, mat or no mat can add volumes to your piece, but never let the frame speak louder than the art.

So often I find individual buy "The Frame" because they just love it, but does it work with the piece.  If needed I can guide you on the mat and frame needs.  I also prefer the weighted bottom mat.  Which means the measurement of the top and sides are the same with the bottom being larger.  Could be an 1" - 2" larger bottom.  For instance if I choose a 4" mat for my piece I want at least 4 1/2" or 5" at the bottom.  If you do not cut your own mats you must tell the framer this.

This is for visual weight,  this additional measurement will make the piece seem to hang firmer on the wall and with better balance.  You will not really notice that it is larger, but definitely more aesthetically pleasing. I can tell immediately when I piece is matted incorrectly.

So with the beauty of the glass and now boundary set by the mat and frame, the viewer moves right into the fine art.  Do you ever wonder why art looks better when you just view that piece completely on your computer screen, rather than have the fine art lying on a table with clutter?  You have eliminated all distractions from around the piece, and that is what the cropping on the computer will do and the same for a mat and frame.  It is the same as appreciating a house when it has more space around it, then tucked tight with other homes.

Okay, back to abstracts on paper.  Archival paper does come larger and in rolls, but a standard for archival paper, acid free, cotton rag is 30" x 22 1/2".  Now add a minimum of a 5" mat and a 6" bottom and then the frame,  you have a wonderful sized feature piece, or a piece for a wonderful grouping.  Some work goes right to the edge, other pieces leave room for a mat to overlap.  These pieces can also be float framed under the glass, by your framer.

On some sites they will allow you to view the piece framed, framed and matted.  See if this is an option.  It might only be an option if you are looking a prints, but you will get more ideas and your do not have to purchase the print option.  Use these tools to your advantage.

Here are some of my abstracts on archival paper:

Ocean, available, love the hues and linear with this piece.  Has a calming affect.  Imagin the possiblities of framing

This just shows one example but not the added mat weight at the bottom .

Unclouded, available

Crying pink, SOLD

Neighborhood meeting, SOLD

Naming the Prince, available

Muted Torch, a favorite, available

Example of Muted torch framed

One example of framing, mat is not correct size, and I would go larger for the mat.  Give the fine art piece more space.

Post truth, available


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