Raven Hair, mixed media

Today seems to be a great day for some figurative work.  Here is what many don't see.  I am working on two at the same time on the same sheet of stretched paper.  The handling may look different, palette is the same and the top one has been worked more, but still has a way to go.  A little extra info: On the bottom piece, I always run out of liquid frisk, actually a rarely purchase it anymore, dries out too quickly.  On the bottom piece my choice was to use rubber cement, a favorite to keep in the studio.  I will remove the rubber cement soon and photograph what it has retained for me of the white paper. Enjoy the process. (And yes, the two will be cut apart as individual pieces)

This is how far I got (in the process), tomorrow looks like a great day to paint also.  Should be complete tomorrow.  I begin with a toned wash, and always paint to the edge of my subject or even into my subject.  I do not want the finished piece to look like a decal stuck to paper, it has to integrate with the paper.

I titled the piece for my blog "Raven Hair" and these are the final steps and some explanation.

With the last post, last picture you saw the addition of black to the hair, that was black gesso.  I don't often use black gesso, but I pride myself on knowing my materials and I use gesso quite often.  Gesso is probably in every piece I create.  I often color gesso a gray/green and keep a jar of it in my cabinet.  My private students know that I call it pickle paint, because I always keep it in a large pickle jar.  This color is a favorite.  Now why gesso, it is a binder, and perfect if I want to work other materials over it.  So for her hair, in one area I applied black gesso.  I also used a brush pen to create some of the squiggle lines.

Before I continue, the larger black area is  not just a blob.  It has to have purpose and carry through. I do make sure that it looks integrated with the rest of the piece.

added additional teal hues and rust/orange, also strengthen my coloration base.  I added the same hues to the hair.  The hand became to dominant  after refining all the fingers, so to take care of this;  I added a wash across a portion of the finger area.  I don't refer to mistakes, but opportunities.  And How to make a piece stronger without over-working.

Enjoy, comment ask questions.  My work is for sale through this site and through galleries.  Follow me on instagram: bossertnancy
On instagram you will see many more images from the studio, and pieces that never get to Artspan: nancybosssert.artspan.com

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