Tapestry Poppies, mixed media/acrylic painting

"Tapestry Poppies", mixed media/acrylic painting.  Yesterday I started out with a 24" x 24" x 1 1/2" canvas.  I decided I wanted to do a dirty pour technique with a swipe.  However, I didn't want that to occupy my entire canvas so I taped off two areas with blue tape.  I then used a combination of metallic bronze, orange, deep green, red, and black.  I liked the first pour in the two sections.

I let that dry and decided to do an additional pour/swipe at a right angle from the larger section.  I removed the tape.  I should have photographed it another time before the next image.  Where it just had the pours.  But I started adding paint to the white canvas areas.

I wanted to something different using this technique; possibly figurative, floral, not landscape ( landscape would have been too expected).  Poppies probably were also a bit expected.  I had in my mind a couple different ways to handle this, but went in one direction.  I'll try something different next time.

So after the pours, I decided on a floral and poppies in particular.  I went with adding paint colors that were already in my pours.  Here I  selected the bronze and the orange.  I added stem stokes (verticals) in the lower section and broader areas at the top.  Definitely did not want to add too many different hues in this area, but wanted to balance what was happening with the pours.  

I  used tapestry patterns and other images to collage my poppies together and create additional long stems with papers.

I added gold line work and cleaned up any areas that looked incomplete.  

This is framed and ready for sale . 
This has been glazed and sanded in between glazes.

You will find it at Glen Anthony Designs,  nancybossert.artspan.com 
instagram: bossertnancy



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