Continuation of figurative in pour/swipe technique and beyond

Continuation of the figurative piece on my last blog.
Went to an opening Saturday evening which was a blast.  So well attended and so many "Sold" pieces the night of the reception.  Great place to be Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA.

I ended with this image:

I added more acrylic paint in gray values suggesting the comforter which she is lying on.  The more I stepped back from the image I felt at least one of her other arms needed to be visible.  It was partially visible in our photo session.  So I drew out her left arm and hand portion onto rice paper and adhered it to my surface.  The reason for doing this, was that my paint surface which the arm/hand was going on was too rough.  I could sand the area or place paper.

My rice paper, above is attached, difficult to see.  I also added a small piece of paper on the comforter area by her breast.  I also pattern her white shirt with small flesh hued squares.  Creating more interest in the composition with shape and form.

Now I am adding the arm with paint and you can also see the small section of right shoulder exposed. o

I begin rendering the arm

I also add /tone down some areas of the comforter. 

My lighting right now is daylight.  I feel her hand is too dominant and just stroke it with gesso.  Did that last night.  I feel it is working better now. 
One area I would like you to focus on is the hair.  So much is going on with the hair, but it is not overwhelming.

Detail image


Detail.  This should be on my on line sites for purchase.
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Archival work :)


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