Pour and swipe with Poppies

This  is the beginning of a new poppy piece on archival paper.  I am very excited about this one, but I am usually excited in the studio.. actually just  in general.

I will only give you the beginning because I am heading to Texas in the a.m. to visit family, which will be fabulous!  They asked me to do a painting party while I'm there.  Are you kidding me?  Can I dance also???  They invited so many to participate in the fun, plus ribs, swimming, wine and pure heaven!

Okay, now to the beginning of this new painting.  Remember, I usually am working on 4 at the same time.

I stretched my archival hot press paper and decided to still experiment with the pour swipe technique , acrylic painting.  First I drew out my subject matter, which happens to be two poppy blossoms and a single bud.

I let this step dry over night and then did a water color wash of the poppies.  The wash just states my petals and placement.  I will continue to build up the watercolor intensity.

I want the poppies to mesh with the pour and become unified as a composition.  You can see that there are oranges in my right hand side.

Now I am adding more depth in the upper poppy.  I will begin to use a mixed media technique by adding pencil to my watercolor.

Now leaving for Texas.  Be back soon.  Happy Valentine's Day, Enjoy

I'm back:

I painted the negative space to the left of the poppies a soft yellow using gesso.  I did not want to go dark.  I also wanted to add shape to this piece to balance all the form.

I went with gold leaf cut into squares.  This must still be unified as an entire composition, over all harmony.

Many times I have added the tile look to my paintings with paper I painted, cut in squares and then rotated every other one to look like a tile, but to create that shape balance I was looking for.  Example of this: 


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