Baptism, mixed media painting, revealing the process

With this Blog I will take you through the process in my painting of "Baptism".  "Baptism" is still available for purchase.  This is a favorite of my figurative pieces.  This is created on 100% archival paper, acid free and classified as a mixed media painting.   You have so many choices for framing this piece.  You can frame right to the edge of the paper, no mat, but glass is necessary.  Or go with a mat, single/double or triple and a frame of your choosing, plus glass.

This is one of my favorite models posing.  When I am with her for a posing session we explore a number of themes.  I generally work from photographs since it is difficult to commit a model to long hours and especially in a bathtub.  I needed numerous takes to get what I was hoping for.

I start, as always by stretching my paper and stapling to a wood board.

I begin with a light gesso prime and a 2h pencil to sketch my subject.  Next I move to a soft value wash in watercolor to state my main areas in mass.

The interesting thing with my photograph was that it showed gold in the water from the lights in her room.  I will add those.  I love working in mixed media.  Here I have added some liquid frisk/ probably rubber cement just to mask some white areas.  I have deepen some of my water color areas and added additional values to create form and depth.

hmm... since it has been a little while since I painted this piece.  I see that I deepened the water color, but I also added a permanent marker in sienna and black gesso in the hair.  Also deepened the watercolor around the head area so her face moves out of the water visually.    Added some high light reflections to the hair.  So much is suggested.

Now creating the shoulders, the breast area and neck with some deep values but also water reflections.  Also, adding the gold leaf where I see it.  Shadows are SO important, always show shadows when you see them.

Beginning thigh development with watercolor wash or diluted acrylic, watching to use equal amounts of flesh values and greens to create my depth.  Showing a subtle nipple through the veil of the gauze garment and a pattern will begin around her waist.  

Is she feeling the glorification of a baptism, is she dreaming?

This one just seems to be different lighting in the studio, and now the pattern is being captured showing the thinness of the fabric revealing flesh and the fabric whirls right above her hips.  Here I add my love of gesso and white pencil.  I am still building up her facial features and the illusion of her arm under the water.  The arm under the water truly relies on illusion with the use of the main watercolor and then low lights and high lights.

2nd leg is rendered so that it feels as though a portion of the thigh is under water and her foot is tucked under.  The rest of the floating garment is completed with minimal high lights and low lights and her hands are worked.  Her hands are helping to left her head and chest out of the water. 

 Her spiritual breath.

And complete.  

details of this piece are below:

Enjoy!!!!  I love painting and creating!


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