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Nude figurative Mixed Media

Nude figurative Mixed Media

I do have a general idea of where a piece is going when I begin, but I am open to changes, my mood, seeing something different happening, opening another door.  I am not stuck on an original idea, my mind is constantly going.

After a wonderful model session with a new model, I was anxious to start.  I actually completed a couple pieces, but this one I decided to use as a teaching tool.

I use 100% cotton rag, 300 lb paper, hot press, water color paper, acid free.  It is not slick smooth, it offers a wonderful slight tooth that will accept all my materials for a mixed media piece.  I always stretch my paper and prefer stapling my paper to wood board than to use a water tape. So preparation is key to the final work, respect for your piece.

I decided on the study I would use, and drew her out several times corrected the sketch and then used a 2H pencil to transfer to my finished paper.  This may be hard to see.  I prefer to draw light.

Here you can see that th…

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