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Continuation of Poppy post from 2/14

Where I ended with my poppy/pour fine art painting, which is a mixed media , was with adding some gold leaf squares.

Above, I have added more gold leaf squares, not perfect, but will give me the form and shape that I am looking for with my composition.  With the upper poppy, where the acrylic did not touch against the poppy, I painted and completed that edge meeting.

Now I have used a collage technique of papers to create the leaves, stems and bud.  These I allowed to travel on top of the gold leaf and create the appearance of going behind the flowers. 

I now started working the lower flower and I wanted to widen the paper surface so I used paper to collage a narrow section on the right.  That narrow section worked as a carry through of collage from the left to the right hand side plus I was able to mimic the acrylic paint in a unique way.

I have a large gallery order of other work, so I plan to have this one complete in approximately 2 days.
Check back in.
Enjoy, and think of all the…

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