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Creating the Iris

This Iris painting is still not complete, but lets go through all the steps that have gotten me to this point.  I should have this done within a week.  But working on many different things in the studio.

This is a detail of where I am at with the Iris painting/mixed media as I entered the studio this morning.

Now I'll start from the beginning of this piece. First just in seeing the beautiful Iris blooms and clusters of Iris flowers, I had to take a couple working photographs.

First, as always, I stretch my archival paper in a bath of water and staple to a board to dry.  When the paper is dry I can begin work.  Sometimes the wait is horrible, because I want to get started.  But I always have several things, if not more, that I am working on.
I drew out two main blossoms and a bud.  I painted a mix of bronze, white green and violet and let those colors move along the left hand side of the flower grouping to create their edge.
You can see my light pencil line line work.  I usually us…

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