Creating "Lucy"

"Lucy" came about as I needed a special project to keep my mind extra busy while my one Grandbaby had surgery.  I chose to do an image of his older sister, 9 year old.
I did this mainly in one day.

I began with a wash of Acrylic paint to create my backdrop or negative space and then drew her image with a 2h pencil.  I wanted minimal lines on the paper.  I rarely start with on element, such as the eye, but that is exactly what I did with "Lucy"  I focused on her eye and my connection with her.
Knowing that my base paint will be a harmonizing factor to the finished piece, and act like a pencil in my hand as I allow that paint color to come through and become an important unifying piece to the image.

I felt as though she could see me, as I worked on her. I loved that intimate connection.  I am working with minimal paint, but more use of Prismacolor pencils.  I love practicing my craft and reminding myself how important it is to ALWAYS practice values, shading, contour, etc.
I am not 100 percent sure how this will finish, but just going with the stress of the day and geting totally absorbed.  Art can be the best medicine.

I continue down the face but now doing more layering, not as finished as the eye.  She has cupid bow lips, total perfection and I want to gently capture.

I do not want the hair to be overstated. By doing this you can take steps into the face.  I want to keep that unfinished or scratchy looking. I did add gold leaf around the face (which she loved)

Then adding all the finishing values and touches to complete with teals and blues punctuating the subject

This is just showing my full sheet of paper, paper is archival, hotpress, 100% cotton rag.

Close up of finished "Lucy".  This piece is only available in prints, and below gives an example of how prints might look framed on two of my sites: artspan and saatchi.
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