Continuation of Poppy post from 2/14

Where I ended with my poppy/pour fine art painting, which is a mixed media , was with adding some gold leaf squares.

Above, I have added more gold leaf squares, not perfect, but will give me the form and shape that I am looking for with my composition.  With the upper poppy, where the acrylic did not touch against the poppy, I painted and completed that edge meeting.

Now I have used a collage technique of papers to create the leaves, stems and bud.  These I allowed to travel on top of the gold leaf and create the appearance of going behind the flowers.

I now started working the lower flower and I wanted to widen the paper surface so I used paper to collage a narrow section on the right.  That narrow section worked as a carry through of collage from the left to the right hand side plus I was able to mimic the acrylic paint in a unique way.

I have a large gallery order of other work, so I plan to have this one complete in approximately 2 days.
Check back in.
Enjoy, and think of all the possibilities.

Finished my gallery work and finished the POPPY

last stages:

Completed the definition of the lower poppy and the bud.  added a few additional lines.

Then coated the entire piece with a thin wax mixture, I have used this technique for over 30 years.
After the wax. I scribe into the work for more linear aspects, followed by diluted oil paint (raw umber) with my own mix of paint medium of 1/3 each damar, turp and linseed.

I have used the same brush for this application for, I believe, all 30+ years, LOL!  I have learned that the outcome is always exciting and surprising.  This was relatively sedate end result, but does help with the final over harmony.

Painting is now coated and I will remove the excess oil  after about 5 minutes with a soft cloth.

This painting is now complete.  I have added close ups so you can see the inscribing and some speckling from the oil. 

Enjoy this piece with a mat or frame up to the edge.  The full sheet of paper measures 30" x 22 1/2"
But I would crop in on this piece to expose an area of approximately 27" x 19".


Have fun.. Love what you do, do what you LOVE.  And never stop dreaming.

With framing options on prints through Artspan, look at one idea you could do.  However, possibilities are limitless.  I am also on Saatchi which offers prints, however, limited to black, white and natural.  It doesn't cost anything to play!!! So play!!

Enhance your surrounding with the things you love!


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