Poppy paintings looking at them framed

Some of the sites I am on have a print option.  I am on Saatchi and Artspan.  Artspan offers a greater variety of frames and mats, plus the option to view a fine art piece on your choice of colored wall.

Many individuals want to purchase the original, and this function will help you decide if the piece is not framed and you might want a frame. You will just get ideas.   Or you might want to view the size options the fine art piece might have in prints.  That might work best with your budget and location desired for the piece.

Here I have taken "Tall Poppies" and played with them.  This piece is on a narrow stretched canvas, so matting probably will not be an option for you.  If you purchase a print you might want a mat or double mat or you might desire framing up to the piece.

This will give you ideas, so enjoy.

Matted and framed in gold ( could have selected a black frame) but this works.  I used burnt sienna paint and a antique bronze which works well with the gold.  Don't feel that all your frames have to match.  Create interest with frames that don't match, but work together.  Above would be under glass.

This is how the original might look if framed in the stretcher, or it could still be a print, just framed to the edge.  If it is a print, it should be under glass.  If it is a painting, no glass is required.

Here is the painting is a black frame with a gold inner edge on the frame.  Totally a different look, but still elegant.

The two images above are details of "Tall Poppies".

Here is a look at "Dreams" 

and two different framing options, but your options are limitless.  Enjoy


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