completing the mixed media figurative piece with the Butterfly

Completing the mixed media figurative piece with the Butterfly.   This is where I was last at my post on this piece:

Her body is quite well developed leaving her feet and hand.  As I examine the piece I view it as a very narrow horizontal.   Next I will spend the time working on the feet and shadows with pencil and paint.
I finally decide to expand the negative space with color.  Typically I would have expanded that area above and below the figure with similar coloration to what was already there.  But I focused on the almost central cool blue gray spot under her buttocks, and that was my trigger.  I decided to go with that hue but a bit deeper to envelop her. 

Very happy with my choice because I felt like I almost cleaned a window of paint to peer through at the figure.  I loved the swiped feel that contains the figure.  I added a fine line of the same color echoing the drape which she is lying on, and pulling from her tucked foot.

Compare these two photos and see how much that color changed the piece and now draws you to the butterfly.

Attached are details.  Sorry it took me longer to complete.  Believe it or not, I got sick :(
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Most of all, enjoy, there are no mistakes in art, just opportunities to see something another way.


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