Beyond the Coil Pot class

So this past Sunday I held a work shop on "Beyond the Coil Pot".  This was an introductory class for stoneware pottery and understanding how to put pieces together so they would hold.  Also explaining, design techniques and just letting loose having fun.  So amazed with the wonderful pieces that were created within the 3 hour time frame.  The students will return to glaze their pieces.  If local, come join in.  Connexions gallery will provide you with a list of classes that I am teaching.  As for the high school student, these are wonderful pieces to add and expand their portfolios.  Connexions gallery 610-250-7627.  or find on facebook.

As I said these are amazing pieces, cannot wait to see them glazed!

This is an example of mine that I provided to show  of varying sizes and differing stamps and patterns.  Discussion on nicking surface adding slip and welding seams!  Voila!

More examples, but they didn't need them!! super students!  So come and join the fun.. I also do on line instruction and portfolio instruction,

Student's green ware pieces :

a few tools of the trade, bring your creativity!  Keep watching for the final glazing :)

Clay has now been bisque fired and students will return for glazing instruction.

The pieces are all white now with the first firing.  Students also created pendants that will be glazed and placed on cords.

One of the ways I will demonstrate glazing is with an engobe or an under-glaze.

Here I have painted the underglaze on my vessel example, but I don't want that look all the way to the base.  This has to dry and then I gently wash off the surface so that the glaze remains in all the deeper patterned areas.  

This is just one of unlimited ways and glaze colors to apply.  To make sure this pattern reveals when fired; a lighter glaze, a transparent glaze or even a clear glaze will be applied over the black and white portion.

This is the first time for these students for clay and now the first for glazing. The outcomes for even those who do a lot of glazing can still have unexpected surprises.  The results were fabulous:


Anxious to do more stoneware classes!  Enjoy


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