new Bash Pottery pieces

edited 1/16/2018
These pottery pieces are hand built, kiln fired and glazed. The method is referred to as Bash Pottery. They are created by rolling out a single slab of clay and beating it with a flat stick into the desired shape.  I take the rolled out slab and wrap it around a ball of newspaper which will be fired out during the bisque fire process. 

I spend a lot of time shaping these and stepping back. I generally favor a shape that has a more narrow base, referring to an apple shape.  As I beat the clay, I will try to smooth some areas and leave some of the unique crevices untouched or beat them  tighter to the rounded form.   Once I accomplish the shape; I plan opening holes to plug with wine corks and metal elements as finishing components.   Loving texture and combining materials is pleasing to my senses; so whether doing this to clay, a painting, etc, is very normal.

I also Love seeing long necks on stoneware pieces.  
Enjoy, nancy

stoneware being shaped

stoneware being shaped

 stoneware being shaped

After I have glaze fired, and the circle/circles were cut while the clay was wet and being shaped.  Now it is ready for me to insert the cork.  I push it into the whole hard and tight, don't need glue.  I use a jeweler's saw to cut the extending cork off and then sand it with a rasp.  I then use other jewelry supplies: eyepins, chains, semi precious stones, etc to complete the piece

Enjoy, use your imagination.  I have created these for baptismal and wedding gifts.  Where all the imagery on the chain was significant to the event (including baby hair and more).


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